In the early 1990s, Warner Mendenhall served on Akron’s City Council where he challenged the legality and constitutionality of City Council’s actions, even when faced with overwhelming opposition by entrenched politicians. This effort to bring accountability to our local government led him to study law and become at attorney in 1998.

One of his first cases was to stop housing fraud in Akron, Ohio.  His activist background shaped his legal practice which is focused on representing whistleblowers and protecting civil rights.

Warner has represented brave whistleblowers who exposed the misuse of federal dollars in local government grant programs, military contracting, Medicare and Medicaid programs, and at for-profit proprietary or career schools. These actions, brought under the Federal False Claims Act, empowered citizens to act on behalf of the Federal Government to recover misspent and wasted funds. To date, Warner’s clients have helped return millions to the United States Treasury.